Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

An application may be completed on-line via our website, by telephone, or in a face-to-face meeting with one of our loan officers. The applicant will be advised as to their borrowing power, including an estimate of a monthly payment amount, loan amount, and amount required for down payment and closing costs. This will serve as a pre-approval which the borrower may use to begin searching for a home to buy.

What if I don’t qualify for a loan?

The loan officers at Omni are experts at providing the guidance necessary to prepare a borrower for future loan approval. Because they see the entire picture, including the credit report, income and assets of the borrower, they are able to give advice on what the borrower needs to do to be able to qualify for a home loan.

How long will it take for my loan to be approved?

After this application is received, the loan officer at Omni is able to quickly determine the borrowing power of the applicant. Most loans are able to close within 30 days, depending upon the time-requirement of the appraisal. Often an appraisal is not required, which can substantially shorten the processing time on the loan.

Who will I be making my monthly payment to?

Omni has the option of placing their loans with several lenders, depending up the individual needs of the borrower. This means that if one lender denies a loan, another on Omni’s list may be able to approve it, without having to start all over again with another mortgage company.

Why should I use Omni Home Financing for my mortagage loan?

Omni Home Financing does not charge the standard 1% loan organization fee, or processing fees, which saves the borrower thousands of dollars in closing costs. The experienced lenders at Omni provide immediate feedback on your application, with no “surprises” resulting from lack of knowledge on the part of the loan officer.