The Omni Advantage
We are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients for your financing needs.

Low Rates + Low Closing Costs + Experience + Fast,

Flexible Options = Omni, your # 1 Lending Choice!!
  • LOW CLOSING COSTS: We can save you thousands in closing costs. Our Industry-leading lending partners do not require the standard 1% loan origination fee, processing fees, document prep fees, or any of the other “junk” fees common with most other local lenders. And because our fees are so low, the seller saves money as well, when asked to pay buyer’s closing costs.
  • LOW RATES: We offer wholesale lending options from the nation’s top lenders to our borrowers. Omni is the only “Direct to Wholesale” lending affiliate in the area. There is NO need for the higher cost “middle man” as is the case with other retail and third party lending options available in our area. Clients are amazed at our low rate/cost mortgage options and think since our closing costs are so low, our rates must be higher. This is simply not the case! Our Great rates combined with low closing costs make Omni the best mortgage deal in the area! Omni’s government (FHA/VA/RD) rates are often the lowest in town and often include a generous rebate that your buyer can use to apply toward their closing costs.
  • EXPERIENCE: The experienced staff at Omni boasts a total in excess of 100 years in the mortgage business. Our loan professionals can quickly determine your purchasing power and are able to trouble-shoot any areas that could stall your transaction. Our in-house processors are the best in the business and work to make loan approval fast and efficient. ¬†Omni offers a quick and easy on-line application, or we can take information over the phone or in a face-to-face meeting, thus being able to provide a pre-approval letter immediately. We are normally able to close loans within 30 days.
  • Flexible Options: Recent changes in the mortgage industry have resulted in some lenders having to work with reduced debt-to-income ratio limits. This is not the case at Omni, where we are still able to work with a 45% debt to income ceiling on conventional loans and even more flexibility with VA,FHA and Rural Development loans*. In addition, it is not unusual for us to be able to waive the requirement for an appraisal on a loan. The various lenders that we work with are pro-active when it comes to underwriting, which helps eliminate the struggle in getting¬† loans approved. Another product available at Omni is our “full pre-approval” loan, where the buyer’s file is sent in and approved by an underwriter before a property is found. This takes all of the “surprises” out of the loan process, which results in a seamless transaction for all parties involved. We can usually have a loan fully pre-approved in a matter of days and it greatly speeds up the closing process.

* Omni Home Financing, LLC is not a government agency and is not acting on behalf of or at the direction of HUD, FHA, VA, or the federal government.